Very Low Calorie Diets | What You Should Know About Them

The Important Facts HCG Very Low Calorie Diets

It would seem to be logical that very low calorie diets would help you to lose weight, but before you try such a diet it’s good to learn as much about them as you can. This type of diet can be helpful, but not necessarily entirely health oriented; it would be best to have an approval from your doctor. In this commentary, we will put the really low calorie diets under a microscope and compare the pros and cons.

The main advantage to very low calorie diets is that they can help obese patients who are suffering from weight-related medical conditions lose weight quickly. This kind of diet will allow them to lose five pounds each week, which is a total of twenty pounds every month. Those with high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes or hypertension can benefit from this greatly, and it can sometimes even be life saving. It’s best to get help from a doctor if going down this route of weight loss if you’re being treated for a health condition already, and it’s still important even if you’re not. In order to maintain your weight loss for the future you should establish a plan with your doctor. Medifast is a well known diet plan that has proven effective at helping many people lose weight. To ensure that the users of this program don’t go over the calorie restrictions put in place, they are supplied with meal replacement products. When on this diet you must eat the meals given to you by Medifast, however there’s a bit of variety given as the meals include lean means, vegetables, eggs and there are even desserts, like puddings. The Medifast diet technically goes over the calories you can consume on a very low calorie diet, as you can eat between 800 and 1000 calories each day on this diet, however it’s quite close. One excellent advantage of the Medifast diet is that your essential intake of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients are all included, so you will not be deficient in anything, whereas if you cut your calories yourself this may not be the case.

The hCG Diet combines a very low calorie diet with hormone injections that promote weight loss.

The hormone hCG, Human Choriogonadotropin, is produced naturally in women who are pregnant. The diet dates back to the 50s when Dr. Simeons wrote up a book detailing how injections of this hormone could help people suppress appetite and the feelings of hunger. The hCG Diet is very controversial, and many experts believe it hasn’t been proven safe. Before going on the hCG Diet you must do some research on what both sides say.

The long term benefits of a very low calorie diet can be questionable, however they’re useful for short term weight loss. For obese people who are under a doctor’s supervision, such diets may be appropriate. For other folks it is crucial that they are cautious about consuming the right amount of nutrients for their body. After all, you don’t just want to lose weight, you want to stay healthy too.

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