My Easy 500 Calorie Plan Revised

This is just an update from the grocery pick up video from the other day
which you’ll see linked right now this is just something that will bring the
work tomorrow so typically bring two lunches to work and also have two shakes throughout the course of the day because I figure you know I’m there for a good eight to nine hours and I try to eat every two hours or so.
I have two shakes and also have two meals and these are the meals and I’m bringing so these are all stuff that i picked up the other day what you have in each container you have to turkey tenderloins some green leaf spinach and also just some broccoli so two of these they usually make the same meals each day just because it’s easier.
You look at the macros here for each actual meal you’re looking at around 300 calories so this is a little bit lower calories only reason being is there’s not a ton of carbs or fat in this meal but 300 calories 40 grams of protein for about 10 grams of carbs and only three grams of fat alright so really high protein low carbs low fat again
I will be going on a vacation in a couple days I’m trying to just leave it out a little bit over the next few days beforeĀ I leave and this is one of the ways that helps me get there the turkey tenderloins themselves just cooked with a little bit of olive oil some garlic powder some pepper and also I cooked it in this cilantro cooking base this is great flavor feel like cilantro
it’s also for the most part calorie-free no calories no fat you have are no real protein that nothing you know hardly anything out of this but it does add great flavor so it’s nice to add in.

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