HCG Drops – Losing Weight Not Muscle

Do HCG Drops Work?

The conversation about whether or not HCG drops can really help people drop weight is one that has received many changing thoughts and opinions. The key factor that is presented opposing the use of HCG drops is that they do not result in fat loss and also all weight lost while on the HCG diet is simply thanks to the constraints put on calorie take in.

While calorie regulation is without any doubt the prime root cause of effective weight loss during the HCG diet, those people who are in favor of the use of HCG drops describe an extremely important role of the hormone during this phase of calorie reduction. By mobilising fat stores, the HCG hormone makes certain that in the lack of the necessary calories from dietary intake, the body relies on fats stores as a surrogate energy generator. This indicates that the dieter burns up unwanted body fat and not important muscle, as is oftentimes the case when such drastic limitations on caloric usage are implemented without using the HCG hormone.

Dieters who do utilise the HCG hormone furthermore mention an enhanced ability to go on with the diet thanks to feeling much less hungry while using HCG. For these good reasons, it shows that HCG drops are a worthwhile supplement to a low calorie diet for fat burning to both support maintenance of the program and to make sure a proper harmony of fat loss instead of muscle.

You might be excused for asking the question,’do HCG drops really work?” The HCG diet has certainly sparked some controversy recently.

And I’ll be completely honest; you would with out a doubt burn fat with a massively limited diet without the addition of HCG drops.

Two very important details to remember however are that by utilising the HCG hormone, you will not only find continuing a low calorie diet notably simpler due to the effect of HCG on minimising desire for foods, but the kind of mass lost will also be significantly healthier and more sustainable because of the retention of muscle which would almost always be lost on such a very low calorie diet without the addition of HCG.

Just one of the causes for this is that various authorities think any body weight lost on theHCG diet is a downright consequence of the harsh calorie reductions imposed, not the useof the HCG hormone.

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