HCG Drops or Injections – is there a difference

Needles or a Drop and a Pill, what will ensure the best result?

It is an often asked question that the following video hopes to answer

With the increasing popularity of HCG for weight loss, there has been some confusion about which form to use, drops, pillules or injections.

While the injections have been the preferred delivery method according to Dr Simeons HCG diet protocol, there are now effective HCG drops or pillules which provide an alternative for those wishing to avoid injections.

Always make sure when purchasing HCG drops or pillules, you purchase real medical HCG, not a homeopathic version of it. This will ensure you are getting an authentic product of prescription-quality.

Plus, when using drops or pillules instead of injections it is a good idea to purchase from a company that has adjusted the strength to account for different absorption rates via these forms.

The significance of using prescription-grade medical HCG over homeopathic HCG has been talked over often before but if you are still not sure which method of delivery — to use drops, pillules or injections?

It is actually HCG injections which were administered with the authentic HCG diet protocol formulated in the 1950’s and this is still the more effective means of using the HCG hormone.

But there is good news for those of you who may possibly have personal, religious or cultural reasons for not wanting to inject with HCG — you can now order medical grade HCG in drop or pillule form!

Furthermore, a number of businesses have raised the volume of HCG hormone present in each dose to compensate for the lower rate of absorption via drops or pillules  thus providing a realistic substitute to HCG injection therapy.

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