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HCG Diet Side Effects – The Cold Hard TRUTH! – HC6 Diet

hey my name is Jody and today i want to share with you the side effects for the HCG diet.

I actually did the HCG diet about six months ago and I had quite a few side
effects from it,  my mother actually did the diet at the same time and she experienced the same side effects.
The thing is, there is even more, because one of my friends actually did the HCG diet a few months before I did and she had the same side effects.  Apparently  it  is very common to have these side effects when you do this (kind of) diet.
Here’s a short insight in the side effects I experienced, like extreme fatigue and at one point i was so tired on this diet i literally spent days on the couch
watching TV which really sucks because I’m stay-at-home mom and I need to get stuff done and i also work online and I couldn’t even do that
also because i didn’t have the mental clarity.
ok so number one I was extremely fatigued and I didn’t have mental
clarity whatsoever.  I would have felt like I was always in like a brain fog all the time I was dizzy a lot and my friend actually had the business quite often
I don’t think I was as busy as her though but they did experience dizziness
I actually got to the point that i didn’t want to go out in public anymore
because of my book because of his brain fog and the lack of mental clarity that it was giving me and my mom actually experienced a lot of memory loss and her she was actually messing things up at her job because of it so that is not very good now I did lose a good amount of weight on the hcg diet
and i believe that it wasn’t actually the the diet itself that gave me these
side effects or my mom or my friend the side effects.
I believe that it was actually the hormone in the drops ok which is the
I forget what it’s called human chronological something hormone right
I so I like i said i did this diet six months ago okay but now i have actually
just completed another diet what is called the HC six ok
it’s the hormone free diet and it’s the exact same eating plan as the HCG diet
by dr. Simon’s it’s the same eating plan except for the drops do not have the
hormone in it
I believe that the hormone is what actually gave me the bad side effects
because like i said i just finished the HC six diet and I’ll show you what the
drops look like ok so if you can see that hd6 ok and I’ll show you just to prove to you that I did do the HCG diet I can cover up the name of the company okay
there we go: HCG premium drops
ok when I did this one which I just finished I lost 20 pounds in 30 days okay with absolutely no side effects I had energy every single day I was not hungry I was not dizzy.  I could focus on my job at home and take care of my kids properly being a stay-at-home mom and my internet work and my studies and everything that I’m doing
I could focus on that and i lost the same amount of weight that I did on
first time I did HCG but this time it was hormone free so you know what if you’re looking at doing the HCG diet
I highly recommend this diet ok but do the HC 61 ok the hormone free
you’re not going to have all those horrible side effects the eating plan is
exactly the same.