HCG Drops | Prescription Drug vs Homeopathic HCG

Which form of HCG is best, should you put your money on the homeopathic variety of HCG drops or stick with the good old – and perhaps just a little more trusted- prescription drug?

HCG drops have become a well known weightloss solution when used in association with the HCG diet and with so many diverse supplements making claims to contain HCG to choose from, it can be very hard to discover which to use.

The form of HCG used historically is prescription HCG and this is even now the most effective choice to use.

The fact is that, homeopathic HCG has not been approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration and is commonly offered for sale illegally.

Pertaining to HCG drops, there are quite a few different supplements that you can buy — so how do you discover what kind is really worth your purchase? These supplements will often fall into one of two different categories, prescription-grade medicalHCG or homeopathic HCG and to be crystal clear, the classic HCG diet protocol began with the effective use of actual medical HCG, not the homeopathic version.

It is also very important to make note of that almost all homeopathic forms of HCG have not been assessed and accredited for use by the US Food and Drug Administration, also known as the FDA.

In fact, the FDA has distributed a number of reports pertaining to the sale of otc homeopathic HCG for fat reduction recommending people to ‘steer clear’.

It would appear then that in the discussion of medical HCG versus homeopathic HCG, prescription-grade medical HCG is the distinct victorious one.

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