HCG Drops | Prescription Drug vs Homeopathic HCG

Which form of HCG is best, should you put your money on the homeopathic variety of HCG drops or stick with the good old – and perhaps just a little more trusted- prescription drug?

HCG drops have become a well known weightloss solution when used in association with the HCG diet and with so many diverse supplements making claims to contain HCG to choose from, it can be very hard to discover which to use.

The form of HCG used historically is prescription HCG and this is even now the most effective choice to use.

The fact is that, homeopathic HCG has not been approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration and is commonly offered for sale illegally.

Pertaining to HCG drops, there are quite a few different supplements that you can buy — so how do you discover what kind is really worth your purchase? These supplements will often fall into one of two different categories, prescription-grade medicalHCG or homeopathic HCG and to be crystal clear, the classic HCG diet protocol began with the effective use of actual medical HCG, not the homeopathic version.

It is also very important to make note of that almost all homeopathic forms of HCG have not been assessed and accredited for use by the US Food and Drug Administration, also known as the FDA.

In fact, the FDA has distributed a number of reports pertaining to the sale of otc homeopathic HCG for fat reduction recommending people to ‘steer clear’.

It would appear then that in the discussion of medical HCG versus homeopathic HCG, prescription-grade medical HCG is the distinct victorious one.

HCG Drops or Injections – is there a difference

Needles or a Drop and a Pill, what will ensure the best result?

It is an often asked question that the following video hopes to answer

With the increasing popularity of HCG for weight loss, there has been some confusion about which form to use, drops, pillules or injections.

While the injections have been the preferred delivery method according to Dr Simeons HCG diet protocol, there are now effective HCG drops or pillules which provide an alternative for those wishing to avoid injections.

Always make sure when purchasing HCG drops or pillules, you purchase real medical HCG, not a homeopathic version of it. This will ensure you are getting an authentic product of prescription-quality.

Plus, when using drops or pillules instead of injections it is a good idea to purchase from a company that has adjusted the strength to account for different absorption rates via these forms.

The significance of using prescription-grade medical HCG over homeopathic HCG has been talked over often before but if you are still not sure which method of delivery — to use drops, pillules or injections?

It is actually HCG injections which were administered with the authentic HCG diet protocol formulated in the 1950’s and this is still the more effective means of using the HCG hormone.

But there is good news for those of you who may possibly have personal, religious or cultural reasons for not wanting to inject with HCG — you can now order medical grade HCG in drop or pillule form!

Furthermore, a number of businesses have raised the volume of HCG hormone present in each dose to compensate for the lower rate of absorption via drops or pillules  thus providing a realistic substitute to HCG injection therapy.

HCG Drops – Losing Weight Not Muscle

Do HCG Drops Work?

The conversation about whether or not HCG drops can really help people drop weight is one that has received many changing thoughts and opinions. The key factor that is presented opposing the use of HCG drops is that they do not result in fat loss and also all weight lost while on the HCG diet is simply thanks to the constraints put on calorie take in.

While calorie regulation is without any doubt the prime root cause of effective weight loss during the HCG diet, those people who are in favor of the use of HCG drops describe an extremely important role of the hormone during this phase of calorie reduction. By mobilising fat stores, the HCG hormone makes certain that in the lack of the necessary calories from dietary intake, the body relies on fats stores as a surrogate energy generator. This indicates that the dieter burns up unwanted body fat and not important muscle, as is oftentimes the case when such drastic limitations on caloric usage are implemented without using the HCG hormone.

Dieters who do utilise the HCG hormone furthermore mention an enhanced ability to go on with the diet thanks to feeling much less hungry while using HCG. For these good reasons, it shows that HCG drops are a worthwhile supplement to a low calorie diet for fat burning to both support maintenance of the program and to make sure a proper harmony of fat loss instead of muscle.

You might be excused for asking the question,’do HCG drops really work?” The HCG diet has certainly sparked some controversy recently.

And I’ll be completely honest; you would with out a doubt burn fat with a massively limited diet without the addition of HCG drops.

Two very important details to remember however are that by utilising the HCG hormone, you will not only find continuing a low calorie diet notably simpler due to the effect of HCG on minimising desire for foods, but the kind of mass lost will also be significantly healthier and more sustainable because of the retention of muscle which would almost always be lost on such a very low calorie diet without the addition of HCG.

Just one of the causes for this is that various authorities think any body weight lost on theHCG diet is a downright consequence of the harsh calorie reductions imposed, not the useof the HCG hormone.

How do HCG Diet Plans Differ from other Diets

And I’ll be sincere; you would unquestionably drop weight with a greatly limited diet plan without the addition of HCG drops.

If you are trying to find the current and most popular brand-new method to lose some additional pounds a HCG Diet may not the important things for you and here is why; The theory behind the diet plan ended up being understood to the medical society about 60 years earlier when it was first found by a medical professional called Simians.

Low Calorie Diet Plan HCG

The subject I wished to speak about today is a fundamental one that is exactly what is the HCG diet plan and does it work by the way HCG means human chorionic gonadotropin and it is a hormonal agent that a female’s body produces at high amounts when a female is pregnant.

While dealing with a procedure based upon his recently discovered theory dr. Simians found that injecting percentages of this hormonal agent in mix with a really low calorie diet plan based upon a strictly particular food list triggered a fantastic not simply weight-loss however loss of body fat in an extremely brief amount of time.
You could be forgiven for asking the concern,’do HCG drops truly work?” The HCG diet plan has actually definitely triggered some debate just recently.

HCG Low Colarie Diet Plan

Among the factors for this is that some professionals think any weight lost on the HCG diet plan is a direct outcome of the extreme calorie limitations implemented, not making use of the HCG hormonal agent.

Two essential points to remember however are that by using the HCG hormonal agent, you will not just discover staying with a low calorie diet plan a lot easier due to the impact of HCG on lowering hunger, however the kind of weight lost will likewise be much healthier and more maintainable due to retention of muscle which would typically be lost on such a low calorie diet plan without the addition of HCG.

Very Low Calorie Diets | What You Should Know About Them

The Important Facts HCG Very Low Calorie Diets

It would seem to be logical that very low calorie diets would help you to lose weight, but before you try such a diet it’s good to learn as much about them as you can. This type of diet can be helpful, but not necessarily entirely health oriented; it would be best to have an approval from your doctor. In this commentary, we will put the really low calorie diets under a microscope and compare the pros and cons.

The main advantage to very low calorie diets is that they can help obese patients who are suffering from weight-related medical conditions lose weight quickly. This kind of diet will allow them to lose five pounds each week, which is a total of twenty pounds every month. Those with high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes or hypertension can benefit from this greatly, and it can sometimes even be life saving. It’s best to get help from a doctor if going down this route of weight loss if you’re being treated for a health condition already, and it’s still important even if you’re not. In order to maintain your weight loss for the future you should establish a plan with your doctor. Medifast is a well known diet plan that has proven effective at helping many people lose weight. To ensure that the users of this program don’t go over the calorie restrictions put in place, they are supplied with meal replacement products. When on this diet you must eat the meals given to you by Medifast, however there’s a bit of variety given as the meals include lean means, vegetables, eggs and there are even desserts, like puddings. The Medifast diet technically goes over the calories you can consume on a very low calorie diet, as you can eat between 800 and 1000 calories each day on this diet, however it’s quite close. One excellent advantage of the Medifast diet is that your essential intake of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients are all included, so you will not be deficient in anything, whereas if you cut your calories yourself this may not be the case.

The hCG Diet combines a very low calorie diet with hormone injections that promote weight loss.

The hormone hCG, Human Choriogonadotropin, is produced naturally in women who are pregnant. The diet dates back to the 50s when Dr. Simeons wrote up a book detailing how injections of this hormone could help people suppress appetite and the feelings of hunger. The hCG Diet is very controversial, and many experts believe it hasn’t been proven safe. Before going on the hCG Diet you must do some research on what both sides say.

The long term benefits of a very low calorie diet can be questionable, however they’re useful for short term weight loss. For obese people who are under a doctor’s supervision, such diets may be appropriate. For other folks it is crucial that they are cautious about consuming the right amount of nutrients for their body. After all, you don’t just want to lose weight, you want to stay healthy too.

My Easy 500 Calorie Plan Revised

This is just an update from the grocery pick up video from the other day
which you’ll see linked right now this is just something that will bring the
work tomorrow so typically bring two lunches to work and also have two shakes throughout the course of the day because I figure you know I’m there for a good eight to nine hours and I try to eat every two hours or so.
I have two shakes and also have two meals and these are the meals and I’m bringing so these are all stuff that i picked up the other day what you have in each container you have to turkey tenderloins some green leaf spinach and also just some broccoli so two of these they usually make the same meals each day just because it’s easier.
You look at the macros here for each actual meal you’re looking at around 300 calories so this is a little bit lower calories only reason being is there’s not a ton of carbs or fat in this meal but 300 calories 40 grams of protein for about 10 grams of carbs and only three grams of fat alright so really high protein low carbs low fat again
I will be going on a vacation in a couple days I’m trying to just leave it out a little bit over the next few days before I leave and this is one of the ways that helps me get there the turkey tenderloins themselves just cooked with a little bit of olive oil some garlic powder some pepper and also I cooked it in this cilantro cooking base this is great flavor feel like cilantro
it’s also for the most part calorie-free no calories no fat you have are no real protein that nothing you know hardly anything out of this but it does add great flavor so it’s nice to add in.